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Long Time No Post!

Heya guys!

Just a quick note to say I'm sorry for not replying to any of the messages in my inbox. I don't really check my livejournal all that much any more (maybe once a month if I'm lucky) so you're much more likely to get a response through my tumblr HERE.

Just a quick note on all of my Sims 2 downloads. I'm really sorry but as I've said previously I no longer have any of these. Not on a computer. Not on a backup HD. Not in some kind of cloud based storage. Nadda. So unfortunately for any of the TS2 download links that no longer work there's not really much I can do. It's my fault for not checking on it enough and I'm really sorry. I will most likely not respond to anyone who asks me where one of my TS2 downloads is etc, because I really can't help. Same goes for any CC that might be in my TS2 pics. I really have no idea about most of them. I'm not even sure the sites I downloaded things from still exist!

TS3 and random other stuff though, I will if I have time try and help people out and answer questions where possible :)

Anyway fell free to come say 'hi' over at my Tumblr (or let me know if you have one that I can follow).

Happy Simming x