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Long Time No Post!

Heya guys!

Just a quick note to say I'm sorry for not replying to any of the messages in my inbox. I don't really check my livejournal all that much any more (maybe once a month if I'm lucky) so you're much more likely to get a response through my tumblr HERE.

Just a quick note on all of my Sims 2 downloads. I'm really sorry but as I've said previously I no longer have any of these. Not on a computer. Not on a backup HD. Not in some kind of cloud based storage. Nadda. So unfortunately for any of the TS2 download links that no longer work there's not really much I can do. It's my fault for not checking on it enough and I'm really sorry. I will most likely not respond to anyone who asks me where one of my TS2 downloads is etc, because I really can't help. Same goes for any CC that might be in my TS2 pics. I really have no idea about most of them. I'm not even sure the sites I downloaded things from still exist!

TS3 and random other stuff though, I will if I have time try and help people out and answer questions where possible :)

Anyway fell free to come say 'hi' over at my Tumblr (or let me know if you have one that I can follow).

Happy Simming x

The Bluebird & The Sunshine (Base Game)

Two very basic base game homes, inspired by house plans to do what you will with :)

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The Bristol

This house has already been uploaded at my Simblr recently but I'm putting it here as well just so all my downloads are in the one place.

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EA Makeover - Ursine House (Pescadero)

Very simple EA makeover of Claire Ursine's house in Sunset Valley. The floor plan is unchanged from the original so has 2 beds and 2 baths. Slightly sparsely furnished as I only had Claire's budget to work with.

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Base game (no CC) - Hamilton Starter

Another base game starter I created using AnyGameStarter. Fully furnished with 2 beds, 2 baths, no CC and $16,476. 

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Base game (no CC) - Dickens Starter

Just a little base game starter I created a while ago, and forgot about until now. Fully furnished, with 2 beds, 2 baths and an office it's everything a sim just starting out could hope for. All appliances have been upgraded to self-cleaning or unbreakable and there is a small garden to the side (not pictured). At $16,490 furnished, how could your sims go wrong?

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EA Makeover - Myrtle Bungalow

Makeover of Myrtle Bungalow which is situated on the waterfront in Sunset Valley (3 Sun Song Ave). It has an extra story for when your Sims family expands, however I've left it empty as I wanted a more budget friendly version. With 1-2 beds and 1 bath this is the perfect beach home for a young couple or small family. 

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I got a Simblr!

So I finally decided to try out this whole tumblr thing. Mainly because I wanted a way to follow some of the amazing simmers out there who already have one, but also because I've been playing a bit since getting Seasons (shocking, right :P) and thought I could post some of my random pictures there :) So if you're interested, you can all find me here - 



EA Makeover - Frio House

After hours trying out different fences and struggling with a 'modern' look, here is another Sunset Valley makeover, this time of the Frio house (7 Sun Song Avenue).

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EA Makeover - The Monotone (Base Game)

In my last post turquoiserain asked me if I could do a makeover of The Monotone in Sunset Valley as a starter home. Turns out I'd already done it, it just wasn't a home that I had shared :) I've furnished it as a couples starter (i.e. just under $20,000), but if you want to get it down to $16,000 for a single sim I recommend deleting the sundisk on the front of the house, the fireplace and getting a cheaper bed (I was having a nostalgic moment from this house when I did this makeover, which is why they are included). Also why you would now call this house The Monotone is beyond me :)

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